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About Us

  Our first husky came into our lives in April 1987, Snowwolfs Karmashenko (Rebel), he was 16 weeks old and we adored him.  We only planned on having him, totally as a pet, but it wasn't long before we started looking for another, he would need someone to run in harness with!  Come late summer and we had a new addition, Jaymish Nikita(Nikita), she was a cute bold little girl and we loved her just as much.  Our little girl decided that running wasn't really her thing so along came our 3rd, Zoox Zaboynik(Bonni), a lovely little girl, out of two of our favourite huskies at the time, Zoox Gadzheek and Zoox Dukara.

  Rebel and Bonni (cheered on by Nikita) did quite well at the rallies and mostly finished in the top 10, something that early on we were told would never happen.  We later decided to breed Bonni and mated her to Alaskan's Nikolai of  Anadyr III, an import, she had 3 puppies and we kept them all. Zabalaz Nikolski(Ski), Zabalaz Unalaska(Laska) and Zabalaz Nanushuk(Nush) born on 10/9/94.

  After many successes at the rallies with this litter in both 2 and 3 dog classes we decided to do another breeding with our strongest girl from our 1st litter, Zabalaz Unalaska was mated with Forstal's Xaros and produced 5 puppies, 2 boys and 3 girls.  Z. Takotna,    Z. Chignik, Z. Chiniak, Z. Chisana and Z. Tazlina.  They also proved very successful on the trail and you know what we did it again and mated Z. Chisana to another import Ewok of Jedeye at Ishacoly, she had 6 puppies 3 girls and 3 boys and we kept 5, the 6th a girl now owned by some friends.

  What happens next, like us you'll have to wait and see, but as long as they enjoy running we will keep putting them out on the trail.

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