Born to run, whatever the distance

REBEL (Snowwolfs Karmashenko)   21/12/1986-13/04/2001

  Rebel had quite a good desire to run and always wanted to please.  He was good on commands, so made quite a bit of time up on some faster teams of the day.  One of his favourite passtimes was pinching Reece's hairbrush, he also liked to pinch fish food.  He had a real liking for the froth off our homebrew.

  He refused to go into the livingroom of our new but old house, did he think we had a ghost?

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NIKITA (Jaymish Nikita)  18/06/1987-17/06/2002

  A bit of a madam, she would sing to the ringing of a crystal bell, and you wouldn't dare leave the phone ringing, even the the staff at the vets new to answer their phone quickly if we were there.  You couldn't help but love her for it.  She was a sneak and managed to pinch Reece's lower slices of bread that were hanging over his plate from underneath while he was having some soup.

  Throughout her adult life she suffered with ZRD but struggled to cope with the high dose of Zinc prescribed, and just learned to live with it.

  She did compete in a few rallies which included a 1st place at the Cannock Welfare Rally in Veteran Class followed by 2nd the following year in the same class.

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BONNI (Zoox Zaboynik)  30/08/1990-25/08/1998

  Good desire to run but very influenced by wildlife, very flexible and one of our best at doubling up.  She did take a while to fill out though.

  She could play Reece like a fiddle and pinched his cider by pretending that she wanted to go out, then snuck back in when he went into the kitchen to switch the outside light on.  When she went to the vets to have her hips X-rayed they rang us up nearly as soon as she had come around from the anaesthetic, they wanted us to pick her up ASAP as she was howling the place down.

  Bonni was very loving and liked to sit between us in order to get a double cuddle.  She broke our hearts when she left us early due to cancer, she was PTS one week before her eighth birthday.  But she did give us three beautiful pups for which we owe her a lot, even though she made us wait an extra six days.

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LASKA (Zabalaz Unalaska)  DOB 10/09/1994

  Excellent desire to run (as a friend used to say "mad for it").  Laska was a spot on leader (until she was jumped on by another team), she would run past foxes deer, phesants etc, she had no interest in wildlife at all.

  All this litter did furniture olympics at our last house and all would, even if you had their food bowls ready and asked them if they wanted to go running, line up at the door to go for a run.

  Laska is very strong for a girl and can be quite independent, she comes for cuddles when she wants them, she is now quite noisy and demanding at feed time but we don't mind and have given her the excuse of being a bit deaf!

  She gave us five outstanding pups for which we are grateful.

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NUSH (Zabalaz Nanushuk)  DOB 10/09/1994

  Excellent desire to run (as a friend used to say about Nush too "mad for it").  Nush was no leader although size and shape would say so, she had far too much of a desire for wildlife.  She had the same passion as her siblings for furniture olympics and going running even if the food bowls were ready.  Nush was and is very strong for her size and is the most like her mum out of the three as she's the one that comes for the most cuddles, probably one that we should have shown (if she liked it).

  She is also now quite demanding at feed time, and has the same excuse as Laska.  When out and about she wants to play with all the dogs she sees, the bigger the better (loves Mals), girls, boys, puppies, oldies, any!

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SKI (Zabalaz Nikolski)  DOB 10/09/1994

  Excellent desire to run (as a friend used to say about Ski too "mad for it").  Ski was a very dependable leader although size and shape pointed to him being a wheel dog, but with Laska's mishap he was needed at the front.  He too was not at all interested in wildlife whilst on the trail.  He just got on with the job in hand, people used to say that they didn't look that fast so why are they winning?, They just seemed to have one pace and stuck to it all the way around the trail. (they as in him and his sister/s).  Oh did I mention he's very strong?

  He did the same furniture olympics and would also go running even if his dinner was ready, it was really quite unbelievable.  He has a special tickle called a Squiggle, which a few years ago we found out that his sire enjoyed the same thing, how strange!

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TAKOTNA (Zabalaz Takotna)  DOB 08/10/1999

  The big one!  Excellent desire to run and very good on commands, but sometimes has to be kept on top of on the wildlife side of things.  He's very strong and powerful.

  Takotna is a big softie at home and loves to jump into Reece's arms from anywhere, he loves cuddles and food, he's very boistrous, a real bruiser.  He absolutely adored Chigs and used to lay on him for a pillow.

  He will pinch your food given half a chance and in the past has had Maz's sandwiches and pinched a chip off her plate.

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CHIGS (Zabalaz Chignik)   08/10/1999-21/10/2007

  Excellent desire to run although rubbish on commands, he was very strong and had no desire to even look at wildlife on the trail.

  Chigs was a big softie at home but too often took a back seat as he wasn't pushy to come for cuddles, so we used to make a point of giving him a cuddle, if you got two kisses off Chigs in one day you were honoured.

  He was cheated out of half of his life when he passed away suddenly at home at eight years and two weeks of age.

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TAZ (Zabalaz Tazlina)  DOB 08/101999

  Excellent desire to run, although does get distracted by wildlife, even if it's in the sky.  She's reasonable on commands, but really only runs at the front in a two dog team.  She was quite dependant on Takotna when she was first put in harness, we always have called them twins.  She has caught a rabbit while out training, but she couldn't run, eat and breathe so she had to drop the rabbit.  She's also very strong for her size.

  Taz is a good cuddler and is very sweet, when she was younger she would only go for a walk with Maz.

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CHINIAK (Zabalaz Chiniak)  DOB 08/10/1999

  Well, just about the perfect package, excellent worker, excellent leader, no desire for wildlife on the trail and excellent to have around.  She can be quite independent and she's a quick learner. Chiniak gets on with everybody and we probably should have tried showing her, but she's quite reserved.

  In the dog pens she's caught a few moles in her time and a squirrel, amongst other things like mice.  She would of been the chosen one to breed from, but for medical reasons we decided against it, so Chisana did the honours and let Chiniak be Aunty.

  Chiniak hides behind her paws if she wants to stay on the settee when it's time to let the dogs out.

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CHISANA (Zabalaz Chisana)  DOB 08/10/1999

  The thick one, excellent worker, always used to look like she was on the edge, then the next training run she'd be faster, she has no desire to chase wildlife whilst on the trail, she's a reasonable leader but not 100%.

  Chisana is very interactive and seems to have a slightly different way of learning things, but she gets there in the end.  She has an exceptional recovery rate and after a few minutes you'd think that she hadn't had a run.  Chisana and Taz have never fully understood each other but they get on ok and have had some fantastic races together, they seem to like running together.  Chisana put all her other siblings in their place early on.

  Chisana is mum to the 2007 litter.

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KOYUK (Zabalaz Koyuk)  DOB  03/02/2007

  The pretty boy as we say "The New Romantic", Mummy's flower boy (always got a piece of grass or something).  He's sweeter than sweet, a powerful solid boy that loves to run.  He's very much a sensetive guy!  Sometimes taking a bit of time out to observe things, he's a very good player. 

  He pulls the hairs on Reece's arms and is also a good ear cleaner!

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SHAK (Zabalaz Shaktoolik)  DOB 03/02/2007

  The fluffy one, Shaggy Shak is a full time player and clown, he loves everything and everyone, he loves running in harness but makes horrendous noises of excitement.  He sometimes lacks concentration on the trail, he's also a strong one.

  Shak introduced himself to Tazlina by jumping out of the van and pouncing on her, "Is it a boat, is it a train, no it's a Shaggy Shak", she didn't know what to do so she just accepted him (it was funny).

  He is a good ear cleaner, has a real toe fettish and loves water.

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  NALA (Zabalaz Lemeta)  DOB 03/02/2007

The lanky rangy one, she's lovely, sweet with everyone, all the adults target her to play with, she's a gem.  A rocket around the garden and loves to run, but when she comes in if she doesn't want to play she crashes out and hits the off button (wierd), never had one like her before!

  Nala is very loving and very strong for her size, I (Maz) put a claim on her from day one, just about white apart from markings on her head, but she came out bright green!

Click here to view Nala's pedigree

NYAC (Zabalaz Nyac)  DOB 03/02/2007

  A lovely boy, mummy's sweet Nyac.  He's very strong, very solid and has a good desire for running, it's early days but he could turn out to be a clever one and run in lead.

  Nyac is boistrous and playful, he loves to greet you and just about knock you flying, he loves softer cuddles too, there's not much room left on your knee when you've been Nyac'd.

Click here to view Nyac's pedigree

KIANA (Zabalaz Suntrana)  DOB 03/02/2007

  A very lively little girl, can be quite bossy with her siblings, loves to pinch shoes or anything really, she has mastered the art of opening doors, quite bright.  She loves to run in harness, it's early days but hopefully she can become a lead dog, a very strong one.

  Kiana is very much like her Great Grand Dam Zoox Zaboynik in looks and interactivity, she loves cuddles and being in the middle.  She's very energetic and an unbelievable tart.

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DEE-DEE (Zabalaz Tolovana)  DOB 03/02/2007

  Dee-Dee is not our dog, but she deserves a place on here with her siblings.

  The one that didn't stay (after sixteen weeks).  Just about Shak's twin, another fluffy one, absolutely adorable, very loving and affectionate and a heart breaker to let go!  She could be a little madam and used to cling on to my trouser leg until I picked her up (not that she was left out either).  When she was in the garden she was always the dirtiest, a real muck magnet and if she wasn't ready to come in then she didn't!  When we took her for her innoculations the vet asked us what we'd been doing to her.

  I started to change her name for her new mum and dad while she was still here, she picked it up really quickly, it went from Vana to Vana-Dee-Dee and then to Dee-Dee, she could have potential to be a lead dog.

  She was the first one of the litter to run on a team in harness and loved it from the start.  I think like Kiana she can be a bit on the bossy side but I'm sure she'll find her place.

  She is very much loved by her other mum and dad, but she would always be welcome back!  We get regular updates on her progress which are very much appreciated, and looked forward to.

  Full and I mean Full of Energy!  I did warn them!

Click here to view Dee-Dee's pedigree

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