Born to run, whatever the distance




Race Results

 A placing for Rebel and Nikita

 Season 1988-89

27thSHCGBFineshadesSun only

 Some of the placings from Rebel and Bonni in the 2 Dog Class

 Season 1991-92

9th SHCGBHurtwood 
10thSHCGB Trentham Gardens 10mph ave 

 Season 1992-93

14th SHCGB Hurtwood 
10th SHCGB Sarn Hills  
3rd SHCGB Clipstone  
18th SHCGB Aviemore  
9th SHCGB Fineshades  
10th SHCGB Cannock  
17thBSDRA Wye Valley 11.40mph ave 
15th BSDRA Kielder 10.2mph ave 
13thBSDRA Thetford 12.6mph ave 

 Season 1993-94

13th SHCGB Boughton Brake  
4th SHCGB Thetford  
8th SHCGB Sarn Hills  
5th SHCGB Fineshades  
4th SHCGB Clocaenog  
10th SHCGB Clipstone  
13th SHCGB Aviemore  
6th SHCGB Cannock  
5th SHCGB Kielder  
8th BSDRAThetford 13.3mph ave 

 Season 1994-95

5th SHCGB Fineshades  
11th SHCGB Thetford  
25th SHCGB Aviemore  
16th SHCGB Cannock  
8th SHCGB Clipstone  
11th SHCGB Kielder  
10th SHCGB Cannock (night)  


 Some results from the one's we call the Black and Whites (peas in a pod, Ski, Laska and Nush).  Not all results are shown as trophies were not always given, they sometimes came in the form of a sack of dog food (very nice for the dogs, but after a while the achievement goes un-recognised).

 Season 1995-96    2 Dog Class

2nd SHCGB Fineshades  
1st SHCGB Grimsthorpe (team 1) 
8th SHCGB Grimsthorpe (team 2)  
1st SHCGB Brandon  
9th SHCGB Cannock (night)  
5th SHCGB Sherwood  
1st SHCGB Cannock Welfare (vet)  
5th BSDRA Rendlesham  
8th BSDRA Tentsmuir 12.9mph ave
6th BSDRA Thetford 14.0mph ave 
8th BSDRA Forest of Dean  
8th BSDRA Brandon  
8th BSDRA Culbin 13.9mph ave

 Season 1995-96    3 Dog Class

3rd SHCGB Cannock Welfare  

 Season 1996-97    2 Dog Class

2nd SHCGB Rendlesham  
1st SHCGB Fineshades  
1st SHCGB Brandon  
2nd SHCGB Grimsthorpe  
2nd BSHRA Rendlesham 13.6mph ave
1st BSHRA Thetford 14.8mph ave
1st BSHRA Brandon 13.6mph ave
1st SHCGB Abbey-Cwm-Hir  
2nd SHCGB Abbey-Cwm-Hir  
1st SHCGB Cannock 16.23mph ave 
1st ABSA Clocaenog 15.25mph ave
1st SHCGB Sherwood  
1st SHCGB Sherwood  
2ndSHCGB Cannock vet+Maz 12.00mph ave 

 Season 1996-97    3 Dog Class

3rd SHCGB Windsor 12.4mph ave 
2ndSHCGBCannock welfare17.59mph ave

 Season 1997-98    2 Dog Class

3rd BSHRA Rendlesham 12.42mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Forest of Dean 14.43mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Brandon 15.12mph ave
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir  
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy  
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest  
1st SHCGB Grimsthorpe  
2nd SHCGB Brandon  
2nd BSHRAChampionshipSilver 







 Season 1997-98    3 Dog Class

1stSHCGB Cannock welfare 15.78mph ave 

 Season 1998-99    2 Dog Class

3rd BSHRA Tentsmuir  
3rd BSHRA Tentsmuir  
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest  
3rd BSHRA Kings Forest  
1st SHCGB Abbey-Cwm-Hir  
4th SD2000 Brandon  







 Season 1998-99    3 Dog Class



 Some results from the Laska X Xaros litter, 5 dogs usually racing in 2 and 3 dog classes, any vet results refer to the Black and Whites litter.

 Season 1999-2000 we took a brake from racing to have a litter (Xaros X Laska), these are the frantic five.

 Season 2000-01    2 Dog (youngsters and oldies mixed)

1st BSHRA Brandon 14.43mph ave
8th BSHRA Brandon 13.14mph ave 
5th BSHRA Rendlesham 13.69mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Rendlesham 14.40mph ave 
6th BSHRA High Lodge 13.25mph ave 
2nd BSHRA High Lodge 14.10mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.75mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 13.14mph ave 
1st  BSHRA Kings Forest 11.78mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.42mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.49mph ave 
1st BSHRA Championship Gold 

 Season 2000-01    3 Dog (youngsters and oldies mixed)

14th BSHRA Brandon 12.51mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Brandon 15.25mph ave

 Season 2001-02    2 Dog

6th BSHRA Brandon 14.21mph ave 
5th BSHRA Brandon 13.98mph ave 
5th BSHRA Tentsmuir 13.35mph ave 
6th BSHRA Tentsmuir 13.22mph ave 
6th BSHRA High Lodge 13.51mph ave 
8th BSHRA High Lodge 13.25mph ave 
7th BSHRA R2 13.08mph ave 
1st BSHRA Warren Wood 14.45mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Warren Wood 14.79mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Kings Forest 12.23mph ave 
1stBSHRA Championship Gold 








 Season 2001-02    3 Dog

1st BSHRA Brandon 17.11mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 16.65mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.57mph ave 
4th BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.19mph ave 
1st BSHRA High Lodge 16.07mph ave 
1st BSHRA High Lodge 16.42mph ave 
2nd BSHRA R2 16.96mph ave 
1st BSHRA Warren Wood 17.43mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Warren Wood 16.93mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 15.18mph ave 
1st SHCGB Sherwood (Laska, Ski & Nush)  
5thUKSCDalby (Ski, Nush & Chisana) 

 Season 2002-03    2 Dog

3rd BSHRA Rendlesham 14.11mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Rendlesham 12.67mph ave 
5th BSHRA Brandon 13.32mph ave 
6th BSHRA Brandon 13.14mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Brandon 2 14.66mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Brandon 2 14.00mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Bowland Trails 13.62mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest 11.22mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.38mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.24mph ave 
1st SHCGB Kings Forest  

 Season 2002-03    3 Dog

1st BSHRA Rendlesham 16.36mph ave 
1st BSHRA Rendlesham 16.01mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 15.21mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 14.71mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 2 14.92mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 2 13.65mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Bowland Trails 13.98mph ave 
1st BSHRA Bowland Trails 14.89mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 11.87mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 14.08mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 16.67mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 16.38mph ave 
1st SHCGB Kings Forest  
8th SHCGB Sherwood (Laska, Ski & Nush)  
1stBSHRA ChampionshipGold 

 Season 2002-03    4 Dog

1st BSHRA Pillar Wood 14.35mph ave 

 Season 2003-04    2 Dog

1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.63mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Tentsmuir 13.39mph ave 
5th BSHRA Rendlesham13.58mph ave 
4th BSHRA Rendlesham 14.11mph ave 
4th BSHRA Kings Forest 11.45mph ave 
4th BSHRA Kings Forest 13.05mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Pembrey 12.29mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Pembrey 12.89mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 15.54mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.85mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Brandon 14.52mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 14.63mph ave 
2nd BSHRA R2 14.85mph ave
2nd BSHRA R2 14.85mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Elvedon 12.68mph ave 
1st BSHRA Elvedon 15.70mph ave 
1st SHCGB Sherwood  
1st SHCGB Kings Forest  

 Season 2003-04    3 Dog

3rd BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.16mph ave 
4th BSHRA Tentsmuir 13.86mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Rendlesham 17.08mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Rendlesham 17.23mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 14.06mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest 15.86mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Pembrey 15.33mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Pembrey 16.06mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 15.14mph ave
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.66mph ave 
1st BSHRABrandon 16.95mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 17.09mph ave
1st BSHRA R2 18.0mph ave 
1st BSHRA R2 17.9mph ave 
1st BSHRA Elvedon 15.96mph ave 
1st BSHRA Elvedon 14.31mph ave 
1st SHCGB Sherwood 
1st SHCGB Kings Forest  
1st BSHRAChampionshipGold

 Season 2003-04    4 Dog

2nd BSHRA Pillar Wood 17.56mph ave 

 Season 2004-05    2 Dog

1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 18.46mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 17.33mph ave 
1st BSHRARendlesham16.25mph ave
1st BSHRA Rendlesham 16.42mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 15.72mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 15.51mph ave
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 18.00mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 18.72mph ave 
1st BSHRA Elvedon 16.00mph ave 
1st BSHRA Elvedon 15.89mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 15.8mph ave 
6th BSHRA Brandon 12.99mph ave 
4th BSHRA Pembrey 13.27mph ave 
4th BSHRA Pembrey 13.18mph ave 
1st BSHRA R2 14.03mph ave 
1st BSHRA R2 14.59mph ave 
1st SHCGB Kings Forest  
1st BSHRA ChampionshipGold 

 Season 2004-05    3 Dog

1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.12mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.44mph ave 
1st BSHRA Rendlesham 16.67mph ave 
1st BSHRA Rendlesham 16.62mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 15.79mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kings Forest 15.97mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kinshaldy 13.88mph ave 
1st BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.31mph ave 
5th BSHRA Elvedon 14.46mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Elvedon 14.71mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Brandon 15.06mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon16.92mph ave 
1st BSHRA Pembrey 16.97mph ave 
1st BSHRA Pembrey 17.11mph ave 
4th BSHRA R2 13.77mph ave 
2nd SHCGB Kings Forest  
1st BSHRAChampionship Gold 








 Season 2005-06    2 Dog

1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.03mph ave 
1st BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.78mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 15.48mph ave 
1st BSHRA Brandon 14.23mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest 14.74mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest 15.16mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Kinshaldy 13.29mph ave 
1st  BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.33mph ave 
1st BSHRA Sherwood 17.61mph ave 
1st BSHRA Sherwood 17.52mph ave 
1st BSHRA Elvedon 14.77mph ave 
7th BSHRA Elvedon (missing trail marker) 12.90mph ave 
1st BSHRARendlesham 15.96mph ave 
4th BSHRA Rendlesham 14.68mph ave 
2nd BSHRA R2 15.02mph ave 
1st BSHRA R2 14.05mph ave 
1st SHCGB Grimsthorpe  
1stBSHRA Championship Gold








 Season 2005-06    3 Dog

5th BSHRA Tentsmuir 15.25mph ave 
9th BSHRA Tentsmuir 14.58mph ave 
6th BSHRA Brandon 15.33mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Brandon 16.42mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest15.81mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Kings Forest 16.17mph ave
2nd BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.82mph ave 
4th BSHRA Kinshaldy 14.13mph ave 
4th BSHRA Sherwood 17.76mph ave 
6th BSHRA Sherwood 17.55mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Elvedon 15.82mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Elvedon 15.70mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Rendlesham 16.17mph ave 
2nd BSHRA Rendlesham 17.05mph ave 
3rd BSHRA R2 16.77mph ave 
1st BSHRA R215.80mph ave 
1st SHCGB Grimsthorpe 
3rd BSHRAChampionship Bronze

 Season 2006-07 we took a brake from racing to have a litter (Chisana X Ewok) they produced 6 puppies, we kept 5 and let 1 go to friends, all will be working in harness.

 Season 2007-08    2 Dog Class (Now Veterans)

9th BSHRA Kings Forest 2 11.26mph ave 
6th BSHRA Kings Forest 2 12.56mph ave 
8th BSHRA Elvedon 13.09mph ave 
4th BSHRA Elvedon 14.36mph ave 
9th BSHRA Warren Wood13.38mph ave 
6th BSHRA Warren Wood 14.22mph ave 
3rd BSHRA Vet Championship Bronze 














2008-09     3 Dog Class

2008-09   2 Dog Class

2009-10 3 Dog Class

2010-11 3 Dog Class

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